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Letter From Rabbi Mark

On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we read: ‘A great shofar is sounded; and a still small voice is heard.’ The loud blast says ‘Hey! Pay attention!’ and the still small voice expresses ‘Listen to the details.’

In some way,  this mirrors the individual: the extrovert projects their bubbly energy to any passerby, inviting a person to dialogue. And the introvert is there for the quiet, thoughtful conversation, but only if you approach them and instigate first.

Those things describe Har Mishpacha perfectly. A place for big arguments and small chats. A place for broad ideas and subtle details. A place for loud outgoing Jews and quiet introspective Jews. The liturgy of the high holidays tells us ‘A great shofar is sounded; and a still small voice is heard’ because we need them both in our community, at all times. A small Jewish community like ours means that everybody’s participation makes a difference, every voice is heard, loud or small, as long as we all take part.

I look forward to being together throughout the year, for activities and conversations and events both loud and small.


Rabbi Mark Asher Goodman

(In Peace) לשלום,

Rabbi Mark Asher Goodman

Rabbi, Har Mishpacha

School Rabbi, Upper Division Director of Judaic Studies
Denver Jewish Day School 2450 S Wabash St
Denver CO 80231