Where our community supports each unique Jewish experience our mountain town has to offer.


Our Mission

Since 1983, the focus of Har Mishpacha (translated “Mountain Family”) has been to support a Jewish experience for our community based on worship, education, cultural heritage, social interaction and community involvement while remaining sensitive to the special circumstances and lifestyle that brought each of us to live in this mountain resort community.

We are committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in our membership and participation so as to involve all individuals and families, regardless of background, financial means, gender, marital status, race, or age, in participating in our congregation. We remain understanding of the needs of those with both traditional and nontraditional Jewish backgrounds. We look to welcome and involve residents of our community as well as guests interested in our congregation.
— Membership with Har Mishpacha

What We Support...

  • Spirituality - While personal philosophies and practices vary widely among us, we are united in a common commitment to maintaining Judaism in our lives. We work to further our spiritual growth both individually and communally. We desire to do this within a liberal Jewish context by working together, and with rabbinic leadership, to develop a meaningful Jewish worship.


  • Worship - The core of our Congregation’s participation revolves around Shabbat services, holidays, and life cycle events. We include a Rabbi on some of these occasions to add leadership, consistency, visibility, awareness and education to our congregation.
  • Community Relations - We work together to raise visibility and awareness within the Steamboat Springs community by creating and encouraging adult and children’s (or youth group) programs that serve needs in our town.


  • Education -   We encourage education for both adults and children. We will continue to develop and provide programs to support our traditions, beginning with religious and Hebrew education programs for children, and continuing with appropriate programming for adults.