Joella West, President

Joella West, President


Our President's Message...


August 23, 2017

Dear Members and Friends of Har Mishpacha,

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since I wrote to you for the very first time as President of your Board. It’s been very Dickensian-both the best and the worst of times. We’ve broadened our events and our community profile, we’ve welcomed new members and welcomed back former ones, we’ve established a membership database that will allow us to keep in better contact with you, and we’ve officially moved into our home at the Spiritual Life Center. The Handloff-Halberstadt Educational Fund has made summer camp possible for one of our young members. And yet…we’ve had to deal with anti-semitism here in our own community, and now overtly on the national level. Rabbi Goodman has some thoughts on this subject in his annual letter, which was included in your Membership Packet.

In the coming year, we’ll have six Rabbi Weekends, one of which occurs during Chanukah, and one on the first and second nights of Pesach. All of our events will be at the Spiritual Life Center, including the High Holidays. We’ll even be able to erect our Sukkah in the
courtyard! Our Religious School is starting its academic year in new quarters on the lower floor in the United Methodist Church. We’re
grateful to Emerald Mountain School for having provided us with space for so long, but we’re overjoyed to have two exclusive rooms at UMC, where our teachers and students can establish a small library, display their work, and have the opportunity to meet during the week.

Building on the success of the recent talks by Professor Sacks, I look forward to bringing in mores speakers both for the Har Mishpacha
congregation and for the wider communities of faith here in Steamboat. And I hope that many of you will join together in some of the
activities and community work that is done by our neighbors the Methodist congregation. As a small congregation ourselves, it’s
sometimes hard to figure out how to make a difference. But together we can accomplish a lot.

Your Board has determined that the congregation’s annual dues for the coming can remain unchanged. Of course, as you know, we run
a very tight budget which depends not only on dues, but on donations. We strongly encourage you to consider rounding up your
membership fees, and to think about other occasions–both happy and sad–that might be appropriate for a contribution (births and graduations are always good opportunities, and now we have the ability to track Yahrtzeits for you). If you appreciate the time you spend with us, please help us ensure that we are able to continue and expand our activities. Please complete and return the Membership Application as soon as possible.

I’m looking forward to greeting each of you at the Holidays. One of the special benefits of a congregation of our size is that there are no strangers.

Until then, shalom,

Joella West, President, Har Mishpacha, The Jewish Congregation of Steamboat Springs